Entry #1

Thanks NG!

2009-12-02 21:03:54 by Submergence

Thank you very much for top 5 Newgrounds! Me and Nick have been trying to get top five for years now. I guess dedication does pay off.

Check out Matt Jones' music here - www.myspace.com/anewdecade1
Check out Nick Amoroso's music here - http://namoroso.newgrounds.com


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2009-12-19 16:30:54

gratulations fellers.

keep up the chill tracks, very high quality stuff. You'll only get better from here


2010-01-22 20:52:30

Congratulations submergence! You have only been on newgrounds for about 1 year and you are very popular! I love your music! This new year, I hope you can put even better music.

~Arakar (MidnightAshes)~